Durkin & Black Eyecare Plus Optometrists can assist with all types of sunglasses and sunglass lenses to provide the perfect fit, function and look for you.

Quality sunglasses are certainly important, particularly in Queensland and if you spend time outdoors. Without adequate protection, Ultra Violet light from the sun and its reflected glare can damage your vision slowly and imperceptibly.

But which pair of sunglasses is right for you and your needs?

Polarised Lenses

Tinted lenses reduce bright colours and are generally 100% UV Protected. Polarised lenses eliminate reflected glare, the white light that bounces off of surfaces such as wet roads, silver cars, snow and water, thus improving visual comfort and safety. They also restore and can even enhance the richness of colours in your environment.

Polarising is available in most prescription sunglasses.

Prescription sunglasses are claimable through private health insurance.

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